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Pipeline Safety
News and Notices
2012 Pipeline Safety Seminar
2014 Pipeline Safety Seminar

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Pipeline Safety: Periodic Updates of Regulatory References to Technical Standards and Miscellaneous Edits
Pipeline Safety: Personal Electronic Device Related Distractions
Revisions of the Emergency Response Guidebook
Agency Information Collection Activities: Submission for OMB Review; Comment Request
Current List of Laboratories Which Meet Minimum Standards ToEngage in Urine Drug Testing for Federal Agencies
ACTION: Request for public comments and OMB approval of modifications
Pipeline Safety: Implementation of Electronic Filing for Recently Revised Incident/Accident Report Forms for Distribution Systems, Gas Transmission and Gathering Systems, and Hazardous Liquid Systems
NTSB Recommendation on Prescription Drug use
This document advises operators of gas distribution pipeline systems of a statutory requirement for installation of excess flow valves in certain gas service lines.
Identifying Issues with Mechanical Coupling That Could Lead to Failure.
Reporting Drug and Alcohol Test Results for Contractors and Multiple Operator Identification Numbers.
Operator Qualification Programs.
New DOT Final Rule on Drug and Alcohol Program Requirements
PHMSA-2010-0307: Pipeline Safety: Emergency Preparedness Communications
PHMSA (PAP) Effectiveness Inspection Form
PHMSA Advisory Bulletin (ADB-11-01) PHMSA is issuing an Advisory Bulletin to remind operators of gas and hazardous liquid pipeline facilities of their responsibilities, under Federal integrity management (IM) regulations, to perform detailed threat and ri
Distribution Integrity Management
Pipeline Safety: Notice to Operators of Driscopipe[supreg] 8000
Pipeline Safety: Verification of Records
Pipeline Safety: Inspection and Protection of Pipeline Facilities
Pipeline Safety: Communication During Emergency Situations
DOT 'Recreational' Marijuana Notice
Advisory Bulletin - Pipeline Safety: Using Meaningful Metrics in Conducting Integrity
Pipeline Safety: Reporting of Exceedances of Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure
Recall on Leak Repair Clamps Due to Defective Seal
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