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Pipeline Safety

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Pipeline Safety
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 Accessing Investigation Documentation

Once investigations are complete, all Facilities Protection Unit investigation reports are provided to the involved Respondent(s) and are subject to Open Records requests pursuant O.C.G.A. ยง 50-18-1 et. seq. Please send all requests for access to documentation under the Open Records Act to:

Philip J. Smith, Esq.
Georgia Public Service Commission
244 Washington St. SW
Atlanta, GA 30334



All operators are reminded to use one of the following phone numbers to report incidents. Please refer to your emergency plans for the inspector to contact in your area.






James Atkins 404.291.9460
Jeff Baggett 404.694.4079
Lynn Buffington 404.444.4633
Daphne Jones 404.291.9460
Josh Lairsey 404.291.7746
David Lewis 404.561.1275
John McCarter 404.444.4632
Mikel Small 404.291.9498
Jason Smith 404.444.0008
Christopher Swann 404.985.5450
Alan Towe 404.444.4635
Washington, DC
Response Center 800.424.8802


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Enforcement Actions are now under the Commissions docket system. 
by Jeff Baggett
 1/28/2014 9:06 AM


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